TELE VEO officially listed by Watercare New Zealand

At the largest water supplier in New Zealand

Watercare New Zealand – the largest New Zealand water and wastewater company, has officially approved three TELE VEO products for use in its facilities. Watercare supplies Auckland every day via a huge pipe network with around 379 million liters of water from a total of 27 different sources. In addition, the company collects, treats and disposes of around 396 million liters of wastewater every da, and is responsible for maintaining and renewing the necessary infrastructure. We are pleased to be part of this system-relevant cycle with our relays.

Tough approval process

The test procedures for components in utilities are lengthy and rigorous. It is all the more remarkable that not only the VEO range timer relay and the VEO range phase failure relay but also the V4LM4S30 level monitoring relay have now been listed as components for the systems and projects of the water supply company. The VEO V2TF01 thermister relay and other TELE components are also to be included in the Watercare material supply standard shortly. This success was made possible by our long-time New Zealand partner MARDAG in Wellington, who worked very hard for the approval.

Watercare New Zealand


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