So much green with our new PV system

TELE Haase is expanding its photovoltaic system and is extending the system with modules on the facade surfaces of the company building to double its capacity. The company is also integrating several of its own products for greater safety and energy efficiency. This has the advantage that the PV system becomes a showcase project in which different requirements for customer systems can be tested and presented to visitors. The TELE Grid and system protection NA003-M64 as well as several SensAct devices with communication capability and ModBus connection are used.

The new system is assembled

The new NA003-M64 consists of two components

  • Protection relay, which measures mains voltage and mains frequency, contains the actual protection functions and generates the signal for disconnection from the mains.
  • Coupling switch, which ensures the actual separation from the grid. Here a 70kW coupling contactor from the Viennese company Benedict is used, which disconnects the grid in <100ms in case of a fault.

How much energy is actually produced during the course of the day will be measured precisely in the future and stored for analysis. TELE products will also be used for this. In the DC voltage range, on the side of the solar modules TELE installs the SensAct S6XM50A100VM, a 1-phase AC/DC current transformer with ModBus RTU & analog interface. The communication-enabled device measures current, voltage and power and transmits the data via ModBus to a local server and to the cloud. This way it can be evaluated at any time what power is currently being produced and how many kWh of energy have been generated. It can also be read off whether energy is currently being produced or consumed.

In the future, TELE would like to coordinate the generation of solar energy and consumption in the house even better and, above all, use a lot of energy when the sun is shining. Therefore, it is planned to further optimize the consumption measurements. Currently, the consumption of systems with high energy consumption, such as the ovens and wave systems of the soldering machine or the air conditioning system, is measured with simple Schrack modules. A TELE SensAct S1MMmA500VHM 3-phase power meter is now also to be installed here, which creates an exact load profile throughout the day and transmits it to a local server and to the cloud via ModBus. In this way, TELE can then evaluate generation and consumption separately and derive a load behavior from this. It will be possible to display trends in the cloud using dashboards, to identify which systems consume how much energy, when and how much, and to plan their use even more effectively. In addition, monitoring can also be activated in this way, which can be sent to maintenance personnel by e-mail or text message. By the way, despite the already well-equipped control cabinet, retrofitting the SensAct is no problem here, because the device can be easily retrofitted into existing systems thanks to its very slim design.

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