Security lighting in buildings

At a glance

At a glance

Emergency lighting is a central component of every fire protection and safety concept, because even a simple power failure is often enough to make people lose their bearings and cause panic and personal injury. TELE Enya monitoring relays permanently check the mains voltage and ensure that emergency lighting is switched on immediately and reliably in the event of a defined voltage drop. They meet all the requirements of VDE 0108-100 and VDE 0100-718.



Perfectly functioning emergency lighting enables people to leave the building safely in an emergency and rescue personnel to reach the scene quickly. It must also be possible to complete any dangerous work. Emergency lights must function without interruption even in the event of a power failure. For this reason, the light supply is maintained by battery packs. Emergency or safety lights switch on automatically in the event of a power failure (standby mode). TELE has a range of matching undervoltage relays from the Enya series in its range. Depending on requirements, TELE voltage relays monitor the three phases of the mains voltage present in the switch cabinet. If the rated voltage of one of the three phases falls below a threshold value, the emergency lighting is switched on via an installation contactor. When the voltage returns to the nominal value, the emergency lighting is switched off again and the normal lighting is put into operation. This is also possible with a short delay. In addition, TELE has a test device for emergency luminaires with automatic reset and test button in its programme.

The devices in detail

The devices in detail

E1YF400V01 0,85 und E3YF400VT02 0.85
Use for failure detection of the normal lighting and thus activation of the emergency lighting.

E1YF400V01 0.70
In the non-European area with more generous tolerances for the mains voltage.

E1YF400VT01 0,85 und E3YF400VT02 0.85
With display of the failed phase and test key.

E3YF400VE20 0.85
With switch-on delay according to VDE 0108-100 and VDE 100-718.

E1ZNT 230V
Test device for safety lights with automatic reset and integrated test button.

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