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one:solutions at Factory Hub Vienna

One of the successful startups at the Factory Hub Vienna at TELE Haase is one:solutions. The likeable Viennese are developing IoT solutions based on new mobile technologies. IoT makes it possible to use physical objects, such as machines and virtual representations e.g. on the internet, to network with each other and let them work together like this. This creates digital interaction between humans and electronic systems as well as between the systems. „Our IoT solutions connect all possible objects. For example, we develop IoT products in which the intelligent marten trap calls the hunter. With our expertise in mobile communications, we have a firm grip on all radio technologies, „Karl Wurstbauer, founder of one:solutions, describes his business.

Smart NB IoT Developer Kit

Current IoT projects are often sophisticated and time-consuming. Especially the hardware development takes time. That’s why one:solutions, in cooperation with Magenta Business, developed the NB IoT Developer Kit, which accelerates the hardware development process for IoT projects. As an intelligent hardware solution, the system provides various sensors and interfaces for the realization of different requirements and is completely manufactured in the industry standard. After the development phase, it can be transferred and programmed from the IoT pilot into an industrial product without additional development effort. For example, it was possible to digitize the monitoring of the temperature in the production of Zotter chocolate manufacture. The use of the mobile radio standard NB IoT made it possible to dispense with time-consuming cabling for networking. one:solutions is currently manufacturing the first series of the NB IoT Developer Kit for Magenta Business at TELE Haase’s production, directly at the Factory Hub Vienna site.

Personal contact at eye level

one:solutions has been working at the Factory Hub Vienna since September 2018. At that time, the startup founders were just looking for a hub, and after an introductory appointment at TELE, they were immediately enthusiastic about the nice, personal atmosphere and especially the electronics production on site. In the meantime, one:solutions has also come to the conclusion that working in an SME’s home, like TELE Haase, is very convenient for startups because they can quickly talk to the right people in each process and draw on their experience ­– unlike in large corporations, where this takes much more time. „These short ways of communication really pay off, e.g. if you talk to the professionals about purchasing and can get tips on how to order the right components, „says Wurstbauer.

Accompanied entry into series production

one:solutions used the „Industrial Consulting“ in the Factory Hub to enter series production at TELE. „We sat down with the two colleagues from the TELE production in several meetings and jointly clarified what we needed. For the two production lines, there are several documents and data sheets that we had to fill out. A few details that were not immediately clear then we added together. All in all, TELE certainly provided us with a man-week consulting service free of charge, which helped us a lot when it came to the topic of ‚production‘, Wurstbauer outlines the process.

Master challenges together

Startups who want to get their prototypes ready for mass production in a relatively short time benefit greatly from the support of experienced professionals. Because in the beginning it is difficult to understand the „company“ language of a foreign company and to cope with the requirements of different machines. „Find a partner with whom you can talk and who will help you with the first steps as uncomplicated as possible. From our experience with TELE it’s a lot easier with an SME than with a big company. „Because in the beginning you first have to see through processes, e.g. how do I order correctly, what must be available where? „Wurstbauer explains the difficulties. „Among other things, we have learned that components that you provide yourself must still be included in the merchandise management system so that you can use them for production later. Therefore, it is better to calculate twice all scheduled time and efforts, because it is always more complicated than you think, „sums up Wurstbauer.

With the help of TELE, one:solutions mastered all these challenges and is now extremely successful: The startup is currently producing several hundred pieces of its NB IoT Developer Kit at TELE and the cooperation partner and customer Magenta Business has already ordered this series.

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