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Customer-centered development at TELE

Customer centricity is one of the most difficult disciplines in business. In addition to the increasing customer expectations, it is above all the easy access to information via the Internet, the comparability between providers and the high variety of products that make classic product development difficult. What is the best way to do this? TELE has decided to take the path of customer-centered development. To pursue this path very consistently in our own product development, external development (EMS) and production.

Agile processes

The bottom line of success still depends on whether the product solves a real problem for a larger number of customers. We would therefore like to have an early discussion with the customer and understand the problem and, if necessary, refine it together.

As a result, we focus on the ideation phase for a solution and use typical creative methods from design thinking (e.g. customer journey, touchpoints, …) in the context of joint workshops. The ideas are tested in interviews, surveys or similar with the actual end customer and the experiences then flow into the final solution. In the subsequent phase, prototypes are iteratively created and consistently tested by customers and their customers. When it is ripe from the customer’s point of view, the actual industrialization and final product implementation begin, which always leads to final tests and an initial series. The customer is continuously involved in the agile process as a product owner and defines sprint content with the team, accepts it and increases the quality of the collaboration through continuous feedback in retrospectives.

In practice

We are currently working on a new internal measuring and control device with the working title “G-Sense”, in which we will use the methods. Our colleagues in development are pleasantly surprised at the input and the focus that customers brought in during the first interviews. A demonstrable prototype is being worked on feverishly in order to quickly advance the product. Because the earlier you spot the weak points, the more time and costs you save in development, and that benefits the customer and TELE together.
Would you like to implement a product idea together with TELE? We are happy to support you within the framework of TELE EMS.

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