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New Distribution Partner in Denmark

We are looking forward to an exciting and successful collaboration

Promising new sales partnership

This week we had the pleasure to host a visitor from Denmark. Mads Velbaek from MTO electric a/s had a closer look behind the scenes at TELE this week and was impressed. Especially the social responsibility at TELE as well as the environmentally conscious company management inxlusinf sustainability concept perfectly match MTO’s organization mindset.

Therefore after 1.5 days of productive meetings, both sides were able to officially seal the deal. We are looking forward to collaboration.

About MTO

MTO electric a/s is a trading company that imports and sells a wide range of quality products from more than 50 leading European manufacturers. The core competences are housing solutions as well as electrical components for power control. MTO electric a/s is a privately held corporation founded in January 2002 and owned by Michael Johansen and Mads A. Velbæk. On January 1, 2014, MTO took over the activities in EL: MATIK electric equipment and hired the former owner Klaus Hansen. The staff consists of 16 highly qualified employees who together with more than 50 international suppliers can offer a wide range of solutions and know-how.

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