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Grid stability in the control cabinet

The voltage-drop detector from TELE detects short interruptions in the electricity grid

A handle on brown-outs

TELE unit counteracts undefined states in the control cabinet.

At a glance

TELE introduces the new V2UF voltage-drop detector. The unit continually monitors the voltage in the supply grid and detects short interruptions, so-called brown-outs, which can lead to undefined states in the control cabinet. It therefore prevents outages and even damage to connected devices.

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The voltage-drop detector identifies short interruptions of at least 10 milliseconds and safely switches off consumers for a defined length of time. Once the power outage has ended, the compact unit provides a reset impulse for a controlled restart. An adjustable reaction time for short interruptions of 10 to 40 ms makes the unit very flexible. The turn-on delay can be set between 0.5 and 10 seconds.

Added value

  • Detection of short interruptions
  • Prevention of outages and damage
  • Adjustable reaction time and turn-on delay
  • Compact 22.5 mm width


  • Control cabinets
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Building management
Markus Gegner
Markus Gegner Sales

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