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NA003 meets new Belgian C10 / C11 Edition 2.1 (2019)

Grid and system protection from TELE has been certified for technical prescriptions.

At a glance

The new technical prescriptions C10 / C11 Edition 2.1 (2019) in Belgium with the designation “Specific technical prescriptions regarding power-generating plants operating in parallel to the distribution network” has been in force since autumn 2019. TELE’s grid and system protection NA003 has been revised and is certified in time.


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Available parameters

For the “overvoltage” protection function, two thresholds (115/110% Un) are now available, each with a fast (<120ms) and a slow (1sec) shutdown. The switch-on thresholds for all protective functions can now be changed and thus allow individual setting options. The switching thresholds for the protective function for the frequency are now also based on the pan-European standard between 49.9Hz and 50.1Hz.

New functions

The revised parameter sets for Belgium also offer an additional time-delayed monitoring function of the auxiliary contacts of the coupling switches used. If there is no feedback from them within a set time for switching operations (ON or OFF), 0.01-5.0sec, a “contact error” is displayed on the device (C) and relay 3, which can be used to report this error is activated. All of the functions mentioned are available for connection in the low-voltage as well as in the medium and high-voltage grid.

Application fields

Low- and medium voltage systems for:

  • power generation, e.g.
    • photovoltaics
    • wind power
  • energy distribution
  • power supply
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