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NA003 now certified according to the CEI 0-21:2019-04 standard

Wider range of monitoring functions for electric grids

At at glance

The grid and system protection NA003 from TELE is a multifunctional grid feeding monitoring relay for single-phase and three-phase mains (2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire AC supplies). It provides different monitoring functions in accordance with the latest CEI 0-21:2019-04 plus additional 15 international standards.

  • One unit fitting 16 international monitoring standards
  • Easy set up by just selecting the appropriate standard number to get the parameter list set in accordance with the specification
  • A clear indication of parameters and process values (full-text display)
  • Open setup for special applications and test environments
  • Auxiliary supply 24VDC, 110..230VAC plus 3 output relays as standard available
  • specific OEM versions available on request

New functions for NA003

The new CEI 0-21:2019-04 standard brings changes reagarding detection of over- and undervoltage (10-minutes average value, voltage increase, and decrease protection) as well as over- and underfrequency (frequency increase and decrease protection).

The monitoring of RoCoF (rate of change of frequency) and vector shift can be configured. The device trips the section switch which is connected between the distributed generation and the public grid in order to disconnect the distributed generation, in case of faults or maintenance on the grid. The section switches are monitored to prevent malfunction due to defective contacts.

In more detail:

  • Delay-Time for detection of undervoltage changed to 1,5 sec
  • 2nd level of undervoltage detection now at 0,15xUn
  • 2nd level of frequency errors detection chaneged to 50,2Hz (F81>S1nf) and 49,8Hz (F81<S1nf)
  • RoCoF (param. 0.090) selectable
  • Shutdown limits (param 0.091) adjustable from 0,1Hz/s to 8Hz/sec
  • RoCoF-window adjustable from 0,1sec to 1sec.

C10/11:2019 coming soon

The implementation of the Belgian standard C10/11:2019 is already in the implementation phase and will be available within the next weeks.

Applications for NA003

Low- and medium voltage systems for:

  • power generation, e.g.
    • photovoltaics
    • wind power
  • energy distribution
  • power supply
Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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