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Multifunction timer with 3PH contactor

The compact multifunctional time relais COM3T has 8 functions, 8 time slots and a wide voltage range from 24V to 240V. It directly switches motors, fans and pumps up to 10A 230V.

At a glance

With the COM3T, TELE offers a compact multifunctional time relay that directly switches motors, fans or pumps up to 10A 230V. With 8 functions and 8 selectable time ranges, as well as a wide voltage range of 24V – 240V, this multifunction device offers solutions for a wide range of applications.

Data sheet


With a width of only 35mm, this compact all-rounder replaces 2 devices and needs significantly less space in the control cabinet, which not only reduces installation and wiring costs but also storage costs. It can be combined with a variety of industrial relays to switch even large loads. Thus, a simple switching relay becomes a time relay with up to 3 change-over contacts and offers maximum flexibility for several use cases. Regardless of whether it is the prevention of icing of the evaporator in cold stores or overheating protection within heating systems, the COM3T from Tele always offers the right solution.

Your advantage

  • Universal multi function time relais [8 functions and 8 time slots 1 sec…10 days].
  • One unit for all voltage ranges AC/DC, 24V..240V.
  • One compact unit, reduces wiring costs and assembly space.
  • One electronic for all 11pin und 8pin plug relay.


  • Fans in industrial ice houses.
  • Air heaters for industrial plants and  und trade halls.
Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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