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Power factor/cosinus-phi monitor

Monitoring of phase shifts extends the service life of drives and systems

Loadmonitor for inductive and capacitive consumers

Reliable operation in drives or monitoring of pump applications or compensation systems.

At a glance

The G4CM690V16ATL20 load monitor monitors the power factor/cosinus phi in machines and systems. In this way the unit keeps the loads of inductive and capacitive consumers in single or three-phase networks under surveillance, up to 16 A direct, including with external power converters. Voltages from 85 to 690 VAC are possible. This gives the power factor monitor the ability to reliably detect toothed belt breaks, dry running of pumps, filter contamination, or excessive pressure in pipes. It is also ideal for regulating the reactive power in compensation systems. This loadmonitor is integrated in the GAMMA product series and replaces our well-tried products D24SC and D24SCT.


The power factor/cosinus phi changes as the load on the motor changes (inductive load). For this reason, this measurement method is particularly well-suited for monitoring single and three-phase asynchronous motors for under-loads and no-load conditions, regardless of size. When faults are detected early, damage and downtime can be avoided, increasing the system’s availability. This is good for motors, pumps, conveyance systems, and other ma-chines. In addition to motor overload, the power factor/cosinus phi monitor also detects contamination, such as cutting residuals, clogged pipes and filters, and worn-out toothed belts. The G4CM690V16ATL20 unit can also detect when consumers are switched off, with the ability to select the desired relay position.

The new power factor/cosinus phi monitor can also be used as an apparent current relais for load monitoring of capacitive consumers or inductive/capacitive consumers in compensation systems.

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Added value

  • Monitoring of inductive and capacitive consumers
  • to 100 Hz

  • Selectable supply voltage from 85 to 690V
  • 2 Changeover
  • Integrated motor temperature control and error memory
  • Available also as transducer for analog output signal


  • Monitoring of asynchronous motors on underload or idle
  • Detects breakage of v-belts, dry run of pumps, filter contamination or to high pressure in pipes
  • Perfect for reactive power control in compensation systems
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Christian Kunst Innovation

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