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Werner – ­ a relais learns to communicate

New TELE-relais transmits measured date encrypted to the cloud and makes it available via APP or also offline on an integrated web server

Werner can talk

The new multifunctional TELE-relais communicates viaModBus or Home2Net-Gateway. Data can be retrieved via APP or Webserver.

At a glance

The industry needs modular, networked, and compact switching units that can communicate with a higher level system. It is exactly for this reason that TELE has developed the Werner multi-functional monitoring relay, complete with an interface for ModBus RTU, and Home2Net Gateway. The communication-capable relay transmits the encrypted measurement data through the cloud and makes it available via APP and offline on an integrated web server. Via a smartphone app or a web application, users can retrieve their data directly on the device as well as from the cloud. All historical data is retained for control and analysis purposes. In addition, the measurement and control variables or parameters of the relay can also, for example, be converted via the cloud portal into the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) format, thus allowing further automated processing.

Bidirectional communication to control center

Werner fuses proven and quality monitoring technology with the latest communication technology. The communication-capable monitoring relay thus offers the possibility to realize, for the first time, intelligent and networked monitoring solutions for many different industry applications.

Each monitoring component of a system can be connected to a control center and provide continuous data. This not only opens a channel for the timely reading of measured values, set parameters, event storage, and switching times, but the user is also able to actively communicate with the relay and can intervene through the dynamic adjustment of threshold values, delay times, or select pre-configured parameter sets and perform software updates.

For reasons of control and analysis all historical date is stored . Measurement and control parameters of the relais can also be transformed into OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) for further machine processing e.g. via a cloud portal.

Grid and system protection application for increased network stability

Communication-capable monitoring technology from TELE brings decisive advantages in grid and system protection, for example. Grid and system protection switches between a decentralized energy producer, such as a photovoltaic system, and the grid of the public energy supply company (EVU) and continuously checks the grid quality. If the voltage or frequency in the public grid rises or falls beyond permissible values, the small power station is immediately decoupled. This prevents unintentional, islanded operation that is dangerous for maintenance personnel.

With communication-capable grid and system protection, the public energy supply company can first get an idea of the local network situation at the decentralized producer. Errors in the system are detected early and can therefore be counteracted immediately. In this way, the EVU can not only monitor but also actively stabilize the network by adapting thresholds and connecting/disconnecting producers in a targeted manner.

Quality made in Austria

The new Werner can not only communicate, it is fast, accurate, and measures all necessary electrically detectable, physical quantities as and when needed. Produced in Vienna in our own facilities, TELE’s solutions convince through their exceptional quality. For example, the following challenges can be mastered with Werner:

  • High-precision, fast voltage monitoring (for example, 0.1%, 50 ms)

  • High-precision, fast frequency monitoring (for example, 2 mHz, 50 ms

  • Phase Shift
  • Detection of frequency ramps (ROCOF)

  • Monitoring of feedback contacts of the connected contactor

  • Measurement of switching time

  • Event storage

  • Lockable + password protection

Stephanie Windhager
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