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Capacitive fill level sensor

Fill level monitoring of liquids and bulk goods

Smarter Kontrolleur

Effective immediately, TELE’s product line now includes the new SMART PADDLE capacitive fill level sensor from Rechner for monitoring the fill level of bulk goods and liquids.

Auf einen Blick

The SMART PADDLE from Rechner reliably monitors the fill level of bulk material and liquids. It is optimized for specific media and its sensitivity is factory-set. As a result, it is no longer necessary to adapt the sensor to the medium it will monitor.



Designed for a dielectric constant of 2 to 80, the fully electronic SMART PADDLE covers a wide measurement range. Since it has no mechanically moving parts, it is also maintenance-free and ensures disturbance-free operation without product congestion, regardless of its installation position.

Unlike conventional components, the new Paddle Sensor can be put into operation immediately without any calibration. Thanks to its LCP housing, it is also very durable and suitable for contact with food.


Added value

  • Reliable fill level monitoring of liquids and bulk goods
  • Sensitivity preset
  • Measurement not dependent on installation position
  • Maintenance- and disturbance-free
  • Process connection G 1/2″


  • Replacement for rotor sensors, vibrating forks, or mechanical switches
  • Fill level monitoring of:
    • liquids
    • bulk goods
Michaela Brandstetter
Michaela Brandstetter Sales

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