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From problem to successful product idea

Everything begins with the right questions

Together with you, we define your future vision, find the technical solution for it and evaluate the market acceptance of the solution.


Focus product idea

At the beginning of every new product it is important to ask the right questions. In the ideation process, together we break through rigid thought patterns and enter the creative process. We examine different scenarios, make clear decisions and select the best ideas. Using Design Thinking and Lean Product Management, we develop viable product ideas in the shortest possible time and incorporate user feedback from potential customers at an early stage.


Technically feasible - economically successful

This way, problems are turned into customer-oriented solutions which we can test, close to the market, for economic efficiency and technical feasibility. We will guide you through:

  • Strategy development
  • Definition of requirements
  • Concept and product studies
  • Functional models
  • Business cases
  • Application for subsidies

Powerful innovation team

When it comes to finding ideas, you can count on our cross-sector know-how, our long-standing development experience and the interdisciplinary composition of our team. A personal contact person coordinates your requirements and reliably takes care of the implementation – you decide how far our process depth should go. Benefit from direct coordination between designers, engineers and manufacturing experts as well as established processes at our Vienna location.



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Ivan Djordjevic EMS - Management

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