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One For All

The new TELE grid and system protection can be adapted to the pre-installed standards of various countries and for individual requirements.

TELE grid and system protection – the complete system

With its new, optimized grid and system protection, TELE tackles an important problem: many countries – many standards. Effective immediately, the new RE NA003 with its compact design cover s all main country standards in one device.

Primary Energy

TELE wants to make the world a better place. This can succeed only if we use sustainable technology and energy.
Renewable energy uses resources that renew themselves, can be recycled, or are available in abundance, like the sun, wind, water or biomass.

Energy Conversion

Renewable energy, like sun or wind power is available nearly everywhere.

For sensible use in our systems, we must convert it into electric energy by means of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, hydroelectric power stations or biomass plants. These energy producers deliver direct current.

Characteristics Form Check

With the PMD5000, photovoltaic plants can be checked for module errors within a few minutes – without the need for maintenance personnel climbing on the roof. The device, developed with the support of FH Campus Vienna, operates according to the principle of a characteristic form check.

In contrast to conventional, sensor-based measuring methods, it enables a quality check during the start-up of a system as well as during operation, without the hassle of attaching sensors.

Converting to AC

Most of our daily life equipment doesn’t need direct but alternating current with 230V to function properly. Therefore in our system we have a Variable-frequency-drive (VFD).

The VFD converts the direct into an alternating current and in addition optimizes the electrical signal for further use in the public grid.

Energy Storage

Sometimes you may not need all of the renewable energy that you produce immediately and want to keep it for later.

Or it may happen that you require electrical power when you can’t produce any because, e.g. the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. For those cases you can save power in energy storage devices such as batteries.

More about SONNEN

Net & Grid Protection

TELE Grid and system protection is switched between a decentralized energy producer and the grid of the public energy supply company (EVU) and continuously checks the grid quality.

If the voltage or frequency in the public grid rises or falls beyond permissible limits, the small power station is immediately decoupled. In this way, unintentional, isolated operation that is dangerous for maintenance personnel is prevented.

Public Grid

The public grid spreads all over the world and provides energy for all our electrical equipment in daily life.

In our immediate environment public energy supply companies (EVU) provide the suitable amount of energy for our daily life and make sure that our grid always stay save and stable.

The new TELE grid and system protection

The new grid and system protection is at home all over the world and guarantees a secure link between decentralised energy producer and public grid.

Our Grid Protection – One for All

The new RE NA003 with its compact design covers all main country standards in one device. All relevant parameters can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. This allows for permanently programmed, country-specific standards to be individually adapted, if required.

The characteristics of good grid and system protection

  • Functional safety
  • Voltage drop protection; overvoltage protection; monitoring of voltage quality
  • Frequency drop protection; Frequency rise protection
  • Detection of off-grid operation by phase voltage monitoring, RoCoF (Rate of change of frequency) and/or vector shift
  • Non-volatile fault latch
  • Random thresholds and reconnection times for non-adjustable energy producer (e.g. combined heat and power plant (CHP))
  • Wide rated voltage and rated frequency range (up to 60Hz), adjustable rated voltage

Flexible parameterisation

The new grid and system protection has a wide-ranging power supply with an adjustable nominal voltage of 24 V DC, 110-240 V AC with up to 60 Hz nominal. Both the measuring as well as the supply circuits are designed for nominal voltages of up to 312 V AC. So the device can withstand an overvoltage of up to 35 percent.

Random thresholds and switching times for non-regulated energy producers, such as those which occur in combined heat and power units (CHP), for example, are no problem for the new grid and system protection. After each grid error the device calculates new random thresholds/values within random limits and shows them on the display. The big advantage of this method is that no feeder is discriminated against. This also prevents a destabilization of the grid by simultaneous switch-on or switch-off of multiple number of large energy producers.

Country specific standards

Now available: The new RE NA003 covers following country standards

These applications could be interesting for you

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