Grid and system protection

The NA003-M64 safely disconnects plants for generating renewable energy from the grid and combines all standards across countries in one device.

TELE grid and system protection –
universally applicable

The new grid and system protection NA003-M64 from TELE Haase combines all Central European standards in one device and can therefore be used universally. When operating alternative power generation, grid and system protection is required by law and, in the event of a grid failure, disconnects the power generation system (PV, generator, battery buffer) from the grid. This ensures that the distribution network is not affected.

One for all

One for all

In case of a defined grid failure the grid and system protection separates the energy producer (PV, generator, battery buffer) from the grid. Its function is very important for the reliable protection of the power grid and generating plants because it ensures that the connection of an energy generator does not impair the function or safety of the distribution grid.

Country specific standards

Country specific standards

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