Grid and system protection

The NA003-M64 safely disconnects plants for generating renewable energy from the grid and combines all standards across countries in one device.

TELE grid and system protection –
universally applicable

The new grid and system protection NA003-M64 from TELE Haase combines all standards in one device and can therefore be used universally. When operating alternative power generation, grid and system protection is required by law and, and disconnects the power generation system (photovoltaics, generator, battery buffer) from the grid in the event of a power failure. This ensures the safety of the distribution network, machines and people.

One for all

One for all

In case of a pre-defined state of grid failure the grid and system protection separates the energy generator (photovoltaics, generator, battery buffer) from the grid. Its function is very important for the reliable protection of the power grid and generating plants because it ensures that the connection of an energy generator does not impair the function or safety of the distribution grid.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about NA003-M64 in the following:

Q1: Why can’t I change any parameters in the parameter set VDE4105?

A1: That is because the standard – the application guideline 4105, stipulates that the parameter set must be protected with a password when leaving the factory. For TELE’s grid & system protection, the password is always 4105 and you can also find it in the documentation.

To change parameters, go to menu level 1 and press the ENT key to get to menu level 3.

In level 3 you move to the parameter you wish to select by pressing the MINUS button until you get to the desired parameter. Then press the PROG button. You will be asked for a password. First enter the current password – ex works it is always 4105. To enter the password, press the PLUS button as often as needed to get to the desired number and then press ENT to confirm. The cursor will jump to the next digit where you repeat until the complete password is entered. After that you will be able to change your settings, e.g. the switching time – where you can add or reduce the preset time by pressing the PLUS, respectively the MINUS button. Your new selection needs to be confirmed by pressing the ENT button. You can leave the menu level by pressing the ESC button.

Q2: How can I select or change the parameter set of a standard?

A2: First confirm on your display that you are at the parameter level one (e.g. 1.010 in the left upper display corner). To change a parameter set, press the ENT key and the currently saved parameter set is displayed. For adaptations press the PROG button. Attention! The contactors drop out. Then use the PLUS or MINUS button to move to the respective parameter set you wish to select and confirm with the ENT button. By pressing ESC you will return to menu level 1. To doublecheck your newly changed parameter set simply press ENT and the current parameter set will be displayed.

Q3: Is digital input 3 configurable in the same way as input 1 + 2?

A3: From (software) version C on, you can configure the digital input 3 as well. That can only be donee within the respective parameter set. Therefore, please make sure to get from the menu level one to level three by pressing ENT. After that, please go the digital input 3 by pressing the MINUS button. TELE’s digital input 3 is labelled I3 STOP (ID 3.114). To change the input e.g. from n.o. (= normally open), please press the PROG button. Attention! The contactors drop out. Then select the new setting with PLUS or MINUS buttons to, in this example, n.c. (= normally closed) or dis. (= disabled). Confirm with ENT and get back to the standard display (level 1) by pressing ESC.

Q4:  The grid & system protection shows an error message “C”. What can I do?

A4: Error C is an error of the feedback contact, which is related to the two contactors and depends on whether you use the contactors as normally closed or normally open. You can also find this error message in the so-called error memory under 1.060, where the display shows “Error” and the letter “C”.

To correct the error, go from menu level one to level three by pressing ENT. Press the MINUS button to get to the feedback contact – until the display shows “Contact” and “3.099”.

In this example, the configuration is set as normally closed (n.c.), which also means opener. But the contacts are need as normally open (n.o.). To change the setting press the PROG button. Then use PLUS or MINUS buttons to go to n.o. (= normally open). Confirm with ENT. Then go back to main menu level one by pressing ESC., where in our example you will see the time elapse and then the contactors activate.

Q5: How does the test function actually work with NA protection?

A5: To use the test function, move from the main level one (1.010) to “1.050 Test/Reset” by using the PLUS button.

Use the MINUS button to doublecheck the digital input setup (DI1-DI5) under “1.040 edit”. 1 means the contact is activated, 0 means the contact is deactivated. This view also informs you of the switch off time, e.g. 60ms.

Go back to level “1.050 Test/Reset” by using the PLUS button. Then press ENT to have the contact drop off. Then use the MINUS button to get back to level “1.040 edit”. The display shows you the switch off time and all contacts (DI1-DI5) should be set to 0. After a short countdown the contacts are activated automatically, and the display changes the status of all activated contacts from 0 to 1.

Country specific standards

Country specific standards

Configuration Service

Depending on the type and output of the power generator, different requirements may be stipulated. In addition, further parallel running conditions may be required by the respective energy supplier. On request, TELE will carry out the setting of the required parameters for you within 3 working days and will deliver the individually configured device to you, including manufacturer’s declaration and password protection.
For this service, we only require


the source of supply of your device,

the desired setting values and

Your contact details

by e-mail to


Within 3 working days we will program, review and confirm the configuration by means of a manufacturer’s declaration (certificate). We will then send you the device along with the manufacturer’s declaration and your password to safeguard the settings.

The service flat rate of € 350,- is charged via the respective source of supply.

Contact us and send your request directly to our grid & system protection experts at!


Some examples of sectors where the proven NA-protection NA003-M64 is used:

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