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FH Krems and TELE are research partners

Your Smart Factory is now a year-long scientific research project

Research on a living organism


Within the scope of COIN (COIN – CSR and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Altenburger and DI Roman Mesicek from FH Krems will be working with TELE on a year-long scientific research project. Various workshops held throughout the year should provide interesting insights into the development of our organizational structure for both parties.

The collaboration involves TELE contributing significantly to the research topics and integrating the scientific results of the FH Krems directly into its processes. Examples of interesting topics for the project:

  • Identifying innovation opportunities and developing them further,innovation methods training
  • Coaching of teams for the development of sustainable innovations
  • Integration of start-ups and social innovators into the innovation process
  • TELE Haase as a good practice example for conferences and publications
More about the COIN program

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