We manufacture your product
TELE EMS produces locally, flexibly and with a personal contact person
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We develop your hardware and software
TELE EMS designs your product in a targeted, market-oriented and economical way
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We make your product ready for series production
TELE EMS optimizes your product for serial production
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You have an idea

We develop your product, bring it to series maturity and produce it – personally, locally and in Austrian quality.

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EMS at TELE – at a glance

From your first idea to the finished product. TELE supports you starting from idea generation and prototyping to developing the product and serial production, but also during individual stages of your product development. Flexibly tailored to your needs! Find out more in the following brief overview.

You decide what you need

Do you have a product idea but no resources for its implementation? Are you looking for someone who can produce small or medium batch sizes for special solutions in high quality? You need support with certifications, logistics or international export? We support you at every point of your value chain.

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