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A Partner of Trust

EE Controls –
A Partner of Trust

Long lasting partnership

Since 1994, EE Controls Ltd. also known as EEC, has been one of the top distributors in Orangeville, a town in Ontario, not far from Toronto, Canada. They have specialized in distributing automation components and proudly building control panels as well. For over two decades, EEC and TELE have maintained a strong distribution network across Canada, where our products and services are available within every province.

Pump alternator – a success story

In this industry, trust and communication is a key to success. Thanks to the trust EEC has in TELE, we were able to find a solution for one of EEC’s client. After consulting with TELE about an outdated product of our competitors, Brad Taylor, Vice President of EEC, worked closely with our team to find the best solution for his client. After only two weeks of working together, TELE’s development team in Vienna was able to deliver a working prototype to Brad’s client. The design that our team in Vienna created, exceeded the market requirements by implementing the TELE technology and expertise.


Portrait Brad Taylor
"The pump alternator E1ZMLA10 has been a nice unit and addition to our offering. It was good to see the design and production come together so quickly. We will be ordering many of these as we continue to get them into that market. I’m waiting for our new website to launch to get more of your offering marketed online."
Brad Taylor Vice President of EEC

Proven product platform

The ENYA Platform never fails and due to the additional features, we added on the Pump Alternator Device E1ZMLA10 24-240VAC/DC, it made the experience so much better. Some of these features were, wide range control and supply voltage of 24-240V AC/DC, LED indication, and integrated ON &OFF Delay functions. Aside from just those additional indications we did, our 17.5 mm IEC style footprint product also fulfilled global CE, EAC and most importantly cULus certification. Thanks to the teamwork from Brad, EEC and TELE, we were able to challenge and replace an outdated status quo product in the pump and load alternating industry. This Pump Alternator Device also impacts and replaces outdated devices in the pump and load industry particularly throughout all of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 

Portrait Daniel Kroepfl
“We are proud to call, EEC our partners. They have exceeded our expectations and continue to do so with their unmatched service and technology capabilities, which puts us one step ahead of our competitors. The maintenance of TELE inventory in Canada exceeds our customer’s needs, especially when unfortunate breakdowns occur in their equipment.”
Daniel Kroepfl TELE Sales Manager in North America

What is the E1ZMLA10 used for?

TELE is proud of successful stories as such that shows how trust and communication with our partners help find solutions for our clients. Our E1ZMLA10 is commonly used in special applications where the optimization of load usage is required by equalizing the run time of two loads. Identical loads are used for the same job—one or more standby units are available in case the first load fails. However, an idle load might deteriorate due to lack of use and provide no safety margin. Alternating relays prevent this by assuring that multiple loads get equal run time. In addition, there are situations where a need arises to have multiple loads on at the same time for additional capacity if one load cannot keep up with demand.

Pumpensteuerung Reinigung

This alternating functionality “LA” is initiated by a control switch, such as a float switch, manual switch, timing relay, pressure switch, or other isolated contact. Each time the initiating switch is opened, the output relay contacts will change state, thus alternating the two loads. Two LED indicators show the status of the output relay, control voltage and timing function.

Daniel Kröpfl
Daniel Kröpfl Sales

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