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Development and rapid prototyping

We will support you with know-how and resources from idea through to execution

From concept to prototype

Do you have an industry-specific problem that is yet to be solved? Or perhaps you even have an idea/concept, but no clue how to execute? Then you are in the right stage of development to partner with us.

Because we have in-house:

  • Electronics development with tried and proven processes and resources.
  • Competent experts with experience.
    Specialists who are familiar with standards.
  • Construction know-how (rapid prototyping).
  • Partner for special solutions.

Our areas of expertise

We especially enjoy working with switching methods and measuring technology/signal processing


Switching methods

If you want to use electronics with microprocessors directly, without protective isolation in high-voltage systems and machines, then you should ask us. Together with our clients we develop power supply concepts with optimally dimensioned switching components (e.g. relay, load monitor, power electronics) which are connected directly with the connection lines of the mains supply. In this way, we help you to protect systems and machines, optimise your energy consumption, and minimise downtime as well as maintenance intervals.


Measuring technology/signal processing

If you want to integrate electronic measuring methods in digital and analogue equipment then we’re the right partner for you. Current, voltage, phase angle, time or conductance – we also develop the right solution for special industry requirements.

You can increase the safety of your systems and optimise your processes by measuring and evaluating signals.

What we can do better than others

Our developers are very experienced and they’ve seen it all. They know you and your industry. That’s why you will get not just a standard solution from us, but also additional important features.

Practice-specific test environments

We regularly build test environment to simulate applications for our industry-specific developments. So in this way we can check, analyse and optimise your solution with your specific application instance with respect to function and safety over the entire process. If the solution has to meet certain standards, we confirm this with external inspection bodies. Here’s a small selection:

Functional tests which simulate your industry conditions

  • Engine test benches with asynchronous motors and load generators.
  • Protective relay test instruments.
  • Reference control cabinets.
  • Mains – short-circuit simulator.
  • Three-phase generators.
  • Humidity test console.

Electrical safety and protection against fire hazard

  • Pulse voltage tester up to 12 kV.
  • Insulation tester (insulation resistance and alternating voltage test up to 5 kV).
  • EMC shielded rooms with HF generator for testing emissions from high frequency interference.
  • Test receiver for measurement of emissions.
  • Measuring devices for conduction-related disturbances with three-phase coupling network up to 690 V, for surges up to 6 kV and bursts up to 4 kV

Legal certainty through know-how of standards

We have many years of experience with standards requirements and statutory provisions in different industries. This creates legal certainty.


Material knowledge

We know the demands on different materials in electrotechnical products. This is why we can assess constructions and even create material specifications for housing parts, among others.


Suitability for series production

We have our own in-house production facility. That’s how we can adapt the product design very easily to the requirements of series production.

Looking for specialist knowledge?

Do you need know-how beyond the same old development ideas, and do you want to know what else we can do? Here’s a selection of the skills of our R&D team.

  • Requirements engineering
  • Basic circuit technology
  • Technical physics
  • Information and communication technology
  • Insulation coordination for low-voltage products up to 1,000 volts according to IEC, EN, UL and CSA expertise with approvals for various certificates.
  • Analogue switching technology hardware for power frequency low-voltage technology.
  • Digital switching technology hardware with microprocessors.
  • Hardware power supply concepts, extremely wide range 25:1.
  • Ultra low power designs.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Software programming in high-level languages C, C++, C#, Java.
  • Software programming in Assembler.
  • Software test planning relating to requirements engineering according to the V model.
  • CAD printed circuit board Altium Designer.

Would you like some examples?

TELE kooperiert mit Twingz, einem Unternehmen im Bereich Energiemanagement. Die Zusammenarbeit begann 2014 und entwickelte sich in kürzester Zeit zur Erfolgsgeschichte – von der Idee zum Serienprodukt.

An idea learns to fly

  • Twingz founder Werner Weihs-Sedivy came to us with an idea for an energy management system.
  • TELE put him up in an office in our building without further ado.
  • TELE and Werner are developing a prototype for the eButler together.

From prototype to production stage

  • Development of a prototype.
  • The Twingz-team has now 3 members.
  • TELE provides the growing Twingz team with our comprehensive production and standards know-how and is helping to bring the prototype into series production in a brief period.

Marketable and successful

  • TELE produces the series at the Vienna production site. Among other things, the company produces the circuit boards and installs them into the housing.
  • The Twingz-team grows.
  • Twingz is already developing the next solution with eCoach.
  • Participation in several smart-metering-projects.
  • Already 27.000 units sold.

Would you also like to execute your idea with TELE?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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