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Detect module faults in PV systems at a glance

The PMD5000 shows the system status at a glance - the measurement takes place directly at the inverter

Device allows rapid characteristic check

With the PMD5000, photovoltaic plants can be checked for module errors within a few minutes – without the need for maintenance personnel climbing on the roof.

At a glance

The device, developed with the support of FH Campus Vienna, operates according to the principle of a characteristic form check. In contrast to conventional, sensor-based measuring methods, it enables a quality check during the start-up of a system as well as during operation, without the hassle of attaching sensors. This greatly facilitates the work of electricians and solar technology specialists. They can effortlessly create a test report and accurately document the condition of a system for their customers. In addition to the pure testing of the PV system, the PMD5000 also offers an interesting potential for longer-term maintenance contracts.


Small faults in individual modules of a photovoltaic system generate large losses due to the series connection of the solar cells. The detection of such faults has hitherto been associated with an elaborate procedure, in which the maintenance personnel had to install extra sensors on the roof, which is not only very time-consuming, but also involves considerable safety risks. With the PMD5000, it is possible to subject the PV system from the ground or inverter to a comprehensive test in the space of a few minutes. For this, the strands are simply marked and measured at the inverter. In the case of firmly clamped strands, they can also be measured in parallel. The installer or solar power specialist will receive a characteristic curve at a glance, which provides information on the condition of the system. In this way, as a proven, reputable provider, they can easily record even during the set-up that everything is correct and document the quality of their work.

Added value

  • Characteristic check possible within a few minutes
  • No need for tedious installation of sensors
  • Measurement directly at the inverter
  • Audit log for documentation purposes
  • Offer of secondary services possible
  • Data also available in electronic form

Application areas

  • Installation specialists
  • Solar system specialists
  • Test personnel for PV systems
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