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Space saving Motor Starter Christian

Device limits the inrush current of electric motors and therefore avoids current peaks – energy efficient through the use of bypass relays in continuous operation

At a glance

TELE Haase introduces the TELE Motor Starter Christian P4.0 with load monitoring for 4 kW engines. The device combines 4 functions in a space saving, compact housing with a width of only 22,5 mm. In addition to the soft start / soft stop function, the intelligent motor starter enables the user to change the direction of rotation remotely and also comes with a current monitoring function. The plant availability is increased with the integrated current monitoring as an overload or blocking protection in the insinmotor starter. Turn (anticlockwise/clockwise rotation), soft start/soft run and flow control functions are available.


The space saving ultra softstarter is for three-phase motors up to 3 480 V AC / 9 A laid out, which corresponds to 4 kW at 400 v. Two control inputs can be selected for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The reverse is wear-free. The soft-start/soft stop offers a shock-free start on the drive / run out. This means maximum protection for the power supply, motor and machine. Start time and starting torque can be adjusted on the front of the device. The current monitoring function provides permanent protection of motor and machine against overload and is adjustable via a potentiometer.

Added value

  • Up to 4 functions in one device: anticlockwise/clockwise rotation, soft start/soft run and flow control.
  • Space saving in switch cabinet: overall width 22,5 mm
  • Simple commissioning and user friendly handling
  • Prevents inrush of motors
  • Increases system availability
  • Energy efficient and resource-saving (bypass relais in continuous operation)

Application fields

  • Reversing drives for door and gate controls.
  • Bridges drives and hoists with block monitoring.
  • Conveying systems with block monitoring.
  • Actuators in the process technology industry (chemical and petrochemical industries).
  • Power plants with a blocking monitor.
  • Switching of three-phase transformers.
  • Gentle operation of pumps and ventilation systems.
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