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Space saving Motor Starter

Device limits the inrush current of electric motors and therefore avoids current peaks – energy efficient through the use of bypass relays in continuous operation

At a glance

TELE Haase introduces the Motor Starter P4.0 with load monitoring for 4 kW electric 3ph motors. The device combines 4 functions in a space saving, compact housing with a width of only 22,5 mm.
In addition to the soft start / soft stop function, the intelligent motor starter integrates all necessary components for reversing the motor too. It is equipped with a current monitoring function to protect the motor in case of a blocking condition during the start phase. The benefits for you are obvious; less components, less wiring, less costs, more functionality.

Data sheet


The space saving and slim soft starter is designed to drive 3ph electric squirrel cage motors up to 3×480 VAC / 9 A, which corresponds to 4 kW at 400VAC. Two control inputs define clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The reversing logic integrates all components, so no external wiring is necessary. The soft-start/soft stop offers a shock-free start/stop behavior. This offers maximum protection for the power supply, motor and machine. Start time and starting torque can be adjusted with knobs at the front of the device. The current monitoring function provides a blocking protection of motor and machine during the startup phase. The adjustment is done via a simple turning knob at the front fascia. In case of an error, an relay contact and LED indicates the fault state.

Added value

  • Many functions in one device: forward/reverse rotation, soft start/soft stop and motor blocking protection.
  • Space saving built size: overall width 22,5 mm.
  • Simple commissioning, easy handling, easy setup.
  • Prevents high inrush current to electric motors.
  • Increases system availability.
  • Energy efficient and resource-saving (bypass relays in continuous operation).

Application fields

  • Reversing control for slide doors and roll gates.
  • Bridges and small hydraulic lifts with blocking monitoring.
  • Conveyor systems with smooth start/stop and blocking monitoring.
  • Positioning drives for process control equipment (chemical and petrochemical industries).
  • Sluice gate and watergates for hydraulic power plants.
  • Switching of three-phase transformers.
  • Gentle operation of pumps and ventilation systems.
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