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Challenge us!

Do you have a technical challenge you'd like to solve? Have you been unable to find a suitable solution at the right scale?

Modular solution development

TELE is the right partner for you when you need someone who understands your technology and is ready to develop exactly the solution you need, with the functions you expect, and at a price that is right for your requirements.

Speak with us!

TELE works with its partners and customers to develop monitoring and control solutions for individual sets of problems. Using our modular development platform, we can handle even complex problems quickly, in a standardized way, and at the required scale. Are you struggling with issues related to plant safety, network stability, or energy efficiency and do you need a solution that is network-capable with the ability to visualize or save data? Challenge us!

How does the TELE modular system work?

  • With the help of our engineers, you select proven and scalable TELE standard components from our modular system.
  • Our experts match hardware and software to the requirements of your industry. When necessary, we also integrate partner components into the solution.
  • TELE executes the application in the desired design as a standalone solution, a network-capable module, or as an embedded solution.

Who needs the TELE modular system?

We use the TELE modular system to develop special, custom solutions for:

  • Power generation, distribution, and storage
  • Water and Waste
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Building management
  • Mobility
  • Smart City

Our expertise

  • 50 years of measurement and monitoring know-how for all aspects of voltage, current, and power as well as temperature, fill levels, and others.
  • High accuracy and precise measurement/calculation algorithms.
  • Scalable measurement ranges
  • Compact unit or embedded module
  • Network-capable with field bus/Internet technologies
  • Integration of visualization solutions
  • Integration of data storage

Your added value

  • Short development and realization times
  • Flexible concept andstraightforward updates
  • Service-oriented solution partner on your terms, who understands your industry
  • Use of proven modular components keeps costs low
  • Good integration capabilities into your system
  • Scalable in price and performance
  • Batch size-optimized development and production done in-house with top quality

We're ready for your challenge.

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