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In autonomously supplied commercial and building services systems, systems with long supply lines or weak energy supply (remote buildings), anomalies can often be detected in the supply voltage itself. With the TELE voltage monitoring device, critical, electrical states such as undervoltage, asymmetry and phase loss are easily detected. These are caused by the start-up of different building technology systems (e.g. air conditioning plants, ventilation plants, heat pumps or lifts) and detected and analysed by the E1YM480Y/277VS10.

Solution description

The E1YM480Y/277VS10 measures the voltage in all 3 phases and detects deviations from the set voltage thresholds. An internal timer is used to define how long a deviation can be tolerated and thus enables a delayed shut-down. In this way, brief deviations will not immediately trigger a switching procedure.

Benefit/added value

Simple measurement through connection of the 3 phase voltages. The device is energy-saving (consumes less than 1 Watt), and supplies itself from the measuring circuit. The design is extremely compact, measuring 17.5 mm in width, and fits in any power distributor. The simple setting procedure allows any electrician to adjust the parameters of your system.

E1YM480Y/277VS10 - Art.Nr.: 1340409
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