Thrust overload protection, coal unloading facility

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The thrust level that the electro-mechanical actuator is developing has a direct relationship with the electrical power consumption of the actuator motor. By monitoring and comparing the power consumption to a preset threshold value, a precise maximum thrust value can be defined.

Solution description

The TELE actuator motor true power monitoring relay (G2BM480V12AFL10 + TR2-110VAC) operates in the fail safe mode for single and three phase power systems. When the actuator motor power is initially applied, a time delay begins to suppress the power spike due to the additional acceleration and inertia power requirements. The delay time is factory set and slightly longer than the inrush time.
After the delay time has expired, the relay de-energizes when the actuator motor power rises above the preset trip point (this represents an over-thrust condition). The G2BM480V12AFL10 unit remains locked-out, if terminal Y1 and Y2 is connected, with the dry relay contacts open until the control voltage is interrupted and re-applied. An external CT may be used to extend the power range of the G2BM480V12AFL10 unit.

Benefit/added value
  • Reliable monitoring.
  • Regardless of the medium.
  • Increase the safety of machinery and equipment.
  • Avoid damage.
  • Minimize production stoppages.
G2BM480V12AFL10 + TR2-110VAC
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