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Save stove shut down

Time relais avoids unsafe condition in case of impact button blockade
E1ZM10 24-240
Data sheet:
To avoid fire hazard, the stove in the shared kitchen of a residential home must shut down safely after a defined period. The electrical circuit must also work in case of an unlawful blockade of the impact button.
The challenge is solved with a centralized impact button with a downstream time relais E1ZM10 24-240 and its function "Single shot leading edge with control input". When the button is pressed, a defined time time window starts to run and current flows. The stove can be used now until the defined time window ends. At the end of the time window, the current is switched off, the stove is shut down automatically.
The next cycle only can be started, if the running cycle is completed. So a unlawful blockade of the impact button, that would keep the stove running all the time, is not possible.
- Save solution – even in case of a unlawful blockade of the impact button.
- cost-effective.

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