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Short circuit­ monitoring

Pumps are monitored with PTC resistors or thermal contacts
Pumps and compressors
Thermistor (resistor)
G2TFKN02 24-240VAC/DC
Data sheet:
Pumps are monitored with PTC resistors or thermal contacts. When PTC resistors are used, the sensor cable should be monitored for short circuits. The available power supply is 24 V DC. The sensor circuit must be galvanically isolated from the power supply.

The G2TFK02 24-240VAC/DC can be used for both purposes (PTC or thermal contact) depending on how it is connected. Thanks to the integrated CoolZoom power supply unit, it is suitable for a wide voltage range and ensures galvanic isolation between the sensor circuit and the power supply.
- One device for all applications facilitates lower inventory costs

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