Safety­ shutdown­ for wind­ turbines

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Voltage monitoring
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It is crucial for the rotor blades of a wind power plant to be turned out of the wind when the turbine is shut down in order to prevent the system from being damaged or destroyed.

Solution description

The battery voltage is monitored for undervoltage. If the wind power plant is de-energised so that it can be shut down, the battery must provide the voltage required to turn the wind turbine’s rotor blades out of the wind in the event of a problem in order to ensure that the turbine is in a safe operating condition. If this were not possible, the wind power plant could be damaged or even destroyed.

Benefit/added value

– Safe shutdown of the wind turbine in the event of any electrical problems
– Affordable, safe solution

G4UF500V03 24-240V AC/DC, G2UM300VL20 230VAC
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