Safe separation of­ wind power plants­ from the grid

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When a wind power plant is coupled to the public power grid, the power inverter must be equipped with a grid and system protection device that continually checks the grid quality and immediately decouples the system when a fault is detected. In this way, unintentional isolated operation is prevented, thereby avoiding a dangerous situation for maintenance personnel. Manufacturers of inverters require grid and system protection that fulfills the various standards of different countries with a single unit.

Solution description

Grid and system protection units from TELE can be readily re-configured in the field, giving them the ability to adapt to individual requirements. The units are delivered with a large number of pre-configured parameters for specific countries.

Benefit/added value

– Ready for international use
– Freely programmable
– Flexible universal power supply
– Random thresholds and switching times for non-adjustable power generation possible
– Functional safety and detection of islanded operation
– Sealed and password protected

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