Rotation­ direction­ monitoring for heat pumps

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A heat pump should be protected against rotation in the wrong direction. If the phase sequence is incorrect, the pump must not be switched on. If a phase fails during operation, the heat pump should switch off, and a fault should be indicated.

Solution description

A voltage monitor monitors the phase sequence and phase failure. If the heat pump is connected incorrectly or if the sequence of phases changes during operation, the heat pump cannot be switched on, or is disconnected from the power supply immediately. Monitoring the asymmetry detects the failure of a phase and protects the heat pump against possible damage. Even when reverse voltage is generated when the motor continues to run on two phases.

Benefit/added value

– Prevention of damage to the heat pump by reliable detection and shutdown in the event of an incorrect rotation direction or phase failure
– Prevention of unnecessary guarantee incidents in connection with damage caused by factors beyond the control of the operator

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