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Pump control to reduce water hammering in the pipe system

Softstarter Christian P-4.0 prevents water hammering the pipes during start and stop.
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Power electronics
Centrifugal Pumps
Liquid Waste Processing System
Sewage Pumps
Submersible Motor-Driven Pumps
Water & Waste
Christian P-4.0
Data sheet:
Prevent water hammering the pipes during start and stop of centrifugal water pumps.
That topic is essential for all pipe systems that include flexible tubes, which are connected
to the main pipe via snap in fittings/couplings. That arrangement is typically used in temporary water supplies, green houses, dosing systems for pools, agricultural applications.
Christian P-4.0 with soft start and soft stop increases the water pressure in the pipe in a controlled way. The pump does not generate water hammering the pipes during start. In event of stopping the pump, check valves will not shut immediate due to the reverse pressure of the water and avoid a pressure peak. Soft stopping enables the check valve to shut moderately fast without any hammer effect and also increases life time of the valves.
The soft starter CHRISTIAN P-4.0 with all components integrated (by-pass relay, soft start and softs stop, blocking protection) is extremely small, only 22,5mm width, and can be controlled by simple digital outputs without any additional electric components. You save space, components, maintenance during operation and therefore costs.
Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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