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Cleaning the pump impeller through intelligent motor control

Softstarter Christian P-4.0 with integrated forward/reverse control enables automatic cleaning in closed system
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Power electronics
Centrifugal Pumps
Liquid Waste Processing System
Sewage Pumps
Submersible Motor-Driven Pumps
Water & Waste
Christian P-4.0
Data sheet:
Pumps that are used to move polluted liquids or water with lots of loose particles tend to loose efficiency after many hours of operation. That forces you to clean the impeller wheel. Cleaning the impeller is sometimes very quirky or nearly impossible as modern pumps are closed units. A cleaning procedure without external access would be very helpful.
The TELE HAASE soft-starter CHRISTIAN P-4.0 with integrated forward/reverse control is your solution. If you realize that the efficiency is getting low or due to preventive maintenance regulations, you start the pump for a short period in reversed direction. Most of the particles on the impeller will be removed automatically because of the different movement of the liquid. The basic requirement for the reverse cleaning is, that you have enough liquid in the pump section and there is no check valve preventing mass flow in the reverse direction. An additional cleaning bypass may be a good solution.
The soft-starter CHRISTIAN P-4.0 with all components integrated (by-pass relay, soft start and softs stop, forward/reverse control) is extremely small, only 22,5mm width, and can be controlled by simple digital outputs without any additional electric components. With our soft starter you save space, components, maintenance during operation and therefore costs.
Christian Esterlus
Christian Esterlus Sales

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