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Pulp production data­collection

Monitoring of the production line for pulp. Operating data of the drive motors of the conveyor belts shall be collected and transmitted to overhead process control engineering.
Process industry
G2WDGW2 PD-DPV1, G2II1 5A, G2II1 10A
Data sheet:
Monitoring of the production line for cellulose fibre. The operating data for the conveyor belt drive motors must be collected and sent to the higher-level process control system.
The current drawn by the motors is monitored with a G2II1 5A or G2II1 10A. Four to six devices are connected to a G2WDGW2 PD-DPV1 field bus module. The measured data is forwarded to the central control unit through this field bus module.
- High fault tolerance in connection with motors controlled by frequency converters
- Flexible measurement structure
- Decentralised measurement data collection
- Central data processing

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