Prevent water damage in elevator shaft

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Filling level for water and water based liquids is an important process value in automation based applications for PLC. Elevator shafts and escalators suffer a high risk for water damage from heavy rains, ground water, broken pipelines and damp walls.

Solution description

Nowadays, PLCs and process automation systems handle these tasks in industrial and commercial applications. All these components must be protected to get in direct contact with the medium water. Thus the equipment is installed in a rather safe distance to the sensing points.
The new V4LM level monitoring interface, with function level 10, made by TELE HAASE Steuergeraete in Austria is the solution and offers save and isolated signals for the PLC. The V4LM has a new and advanced conductive measurement electronic implemented. Stainless steel electrodes detect the liquid levels in a secure way. These electrodes can be mounted directly in the tanks or just hang in as a simple wire probe. Mounting is easy and can be realised with just simple installation wiring, not causing any detection errors, up to 1km distance from the V4LM unit. Thus installation can also be realized in existing wells and plants.
The advantage of the V4LM together with simple electrodes is generated by the modern measuring electronics. It offers an adjustable sensitivity to adapt to nearly all water based liquids and installation wirings and isolates the probes totally from mains and ground. The electrodes are supplied over the measuring wires with a synthetic generated 18.3Hz AC voltage. Thus no oxidation and galvanizing effect will take effect on the probes and the frequency guaranties no interference with 50Hz and 60Hz supply systems. The absence of mechanical moving parts keeps your maintenance costs and maintenance work at the lowest possible levels.

Benefit/added value
  • Modern and robust technology with 100% isolation between process and electronics. Easy mounting and installation with simple installation wires.
  • Adjustable sensing sensitivity and scan rate.
  • 4 probes delectable.
  • Highly energy efficient with low power consumption and wide range supply.
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