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Monitoring of a cold store door

When the cold store doors are opened, the time relay immediately switches off the cooling and activates a delayed alarm.
Cooling Systems
Facility Management
G2ZMF11 24-240V
Data sheet:
This is designed to prevent the cold store door from being open for too long while the cooling continues to run.
TELE time relay G2ZMF11 24-240V solves this problem with its function "release-delay with control contact (R11)“. The instantaneous contact deactivates as soon as the control contact (Y1-Y2) is interrupted by opening of the cold store door. This switches off the cooling directly and the set time t starts to run. If the cold store door remains open for longer than the selected time, the delayed contact deactivates and an acoustic signal is triggered. The signal remains active until the door is closed. If the cold store door is closed before passing of the time t, the passed time is erased and then restarted the next time the door is opened. This prevents the cold store door from remaining open too long or being improperly closed.
- Straightforward solution with one door contact.
- Control contact that is galvanically separated from the power supply.
- Instantaneous and delayed output contact.
- Universal power supply through the CoolZoom power pack.
- Energy savings.
- Uninterrupted cooling chain.
Christian Esterlus
Christian Esterlus Sales

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