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Manure removal system­emergency stop

Monitoring of a manure removal system. In case of obstacles e.g. animals or deadlock the conveyor must shut down.
Cleaning, Washing
Facility Management
Industrial Plant
Other Applications
Voltage, current, cos phi
G2BA480V12A 0…10V, G2BM400V12AL10
Data sheet:
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Monitoring of the manure removal system. The conveyor system must switch off when it is blocked by animals or a stoppage.
Monitoring of the effective power of the conveyor belt drive motor. The analogue measurement (G2BA480V12A 0…10V) is forwarded to the control electronics for processing. The control electronics evaluate the data and control the conveyor belt. When an overload is detected, the system is switched off.
The relay output of the monitoring device (G2BM400V12AL10) serves as a second safety level. When the motor load exceeds the set maximum threshold, an emergency stop is triggered.

- Measurement system without sensors
- Monitoring of motor output and transmission of analogue signal to the control electronics
- Additional monitoring and emergency stop when the control electronics fail

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