Level monitoring of electroplating tanks

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In electroplating, various electrolytes with different chemical characteristics are used. To produce high quality circuit boards, usually copper electrolyte based on sulfuric acid or cyanide is used. This liquids demand very low resistance measurement capability on the measurement circuit and high corrosion resistance of the level probes.

Solution description

The monitoring relay GAMMA G2LM20 measures the conductance of the electrolyte between the probes and the reference electrode. If the tank is made of electric conductive material it can be used as reference probe. To guaranty long term reliability, corrosion-resistant immersion probes must be used. These are installed at the desired liquid levels in the tank, with two probes and the reference probe (not necessary for a conductive tank). Depending on the selected configuration, the level can now be maintained between the two probes or constantly around the level of a single probe. A selectable time delay prevents frequent switching of the pump in case of swellings of the liquid.

Benefit/added value

– Various modes of pump control selectable.
– Adjustable conductivity level, to adapt to the liquids used in the tanks.
– Two separate adjustable timers for pump delay and probe delay to prevent the system from frequent switching.
– Simple wiring of the probes with standard installation cables.

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