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Modern LED lamps nowadays are widely used in buildings, industrial environment, plants and public places. The challenging task to monitor changes in the low lamp current demand is the low consumption of these modern devices compared to the classic light bulbs and low voltage lamps. Usual many LED lamps are used in one plant, building, elevator cabin or public area, so it is important to maintain a defined and minimum illumination for those areas.

Solution description

The new TELE load current monitoring relay E1IM1AACL10, a device of the ENYA series of instruments is capable to detect changes within 50mAAC up to 1AAC. Monitoring functions are UNDER, WINDOW and OVER available with or without latching capability. To select the required function, just use the selector on the front fascia.
To hide or eliminate short switching statuses or the power on procedure, an integrated delay enables you to set a filter time of 0.1 sec up to 10 sec.
If the measured current is out of the good limits, the MIN or MAX LED starts to flash. If the fault condition is true for the time you have set the delay, the output relay changes the position of the isolated SPDT contact and the red LED is illuminated.

Benefit/added value

The new TELE load current monitor is designed for a current range within 50mAAC to 1AAC. Three selectable monitoring functions with or without latching mode and one isolated SPDT relay is included in the standard function package. The E1IM1AACL10 is designed to be used in power distribution systems and cabinets. It is self-supplying from the 230VAC mains supply. Mechanically it is designed to be mounted on DIN rails. The dimension is very space saving with a maximum width of 17.5mm. To be useable in many applications the instrument offers international approvals like CE, UL, cUL and EAC as standard.

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