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No flooding in the underground car park

The V4LM level monitor controls the entry of water into underground car parks and activates pumps to pump out the water as well as issue alarm signals as required.
Facility Management
Water & Waste
Data sheet:
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In an underground car park, the garage shafts and the garage itself should be monitored for water penetration. If the garage is flooded by heavy rain, severe weather or broken pipes, pumps must be automatically activate to minimise/avoid damage.
TELE level monitor V4LM continuously controls a potential increase in water level in the garage facilities. If the connected sensors come into contact with entering water, the device will immediately activate pumps to pump out the liquid as well as issue acoustic and visual warning signals.
- Simple solution, pump controller and level monitor in a single device
- 10 integrated functions for maximum flexibility and all applications
- 3 output relays for universal reaction upon actuation of the relay
- No additional mains parts required (24-240 V AC/DC).
Daniel Kröpfl
Daniel Kröpfl Sales

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