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Recently, Woodchuck Hard Cider needed to replace a timer in their high-speed bottle filling system, which helps with their sequences in the cap hopper machinery. The timer is responsible, when it comes to making sure the start-up and shutdown sequence in the cap hopper is efficient.

Solution description

For this task they chose the TELE multifunctional time delay relay E1ZMQ10 24-240VAC/DC. Coming with 7 integrated functions and adjustable timing from 0.05s – 100h it covers the industry’s most popular features in a compact housing. Due to the Zoom power supply it is able to deal with voltages from 12 – 240V AC/DC.

There are two jobs that the E1ZMQ10 24-240VAC/DC helps with. The first sequence primes the crowner to ensure there is sufficient cap supply before production begins and the second is used when there is a need to empty the remaining caps from the hopper at shutdown or when changing to a different style or brand.

The TELE relays help create a peace of mind when it comes to turning on or turning off the equipment, especially when it is used for the pre-run prime sequence as well as the post-run emptying sequence. This helps avoid any error before and after.

Find out more: https://www.tele-online.com/en/news/high-speed-bottle-filling-line/

Benefit/added value
  • Save PLC Memory Space
  • Setup without a computer or software
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