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Fountain fill level

The fill level of a fountain must be monitored to start a water pump in case of little water.
Centrifugal Pumps
Facility Management
Water & Waste
Fill level monitoring
E3LM10 230VAC
Data sheet:
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The fill level must be monitored in fountains so that the water pump can be activated when the water level is too low.
With the TELE E3LM10, the fill level of the fountain is monitored with three sensors. When the current flow between the sensors is interrupted, the water level is too low, and the monitoring relay activates the pump. Overfilling is also prevented because the pump is switched off when the third sensor comes into contact with the water.
- Preventing damage to the fountain pump from dry running by adding water in good time
- Minimisation of repairs and downtime
Christian Esterlus
Christian Esterlus Sales

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