Fan monitoring for paint or sandblast booth

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In many applications, such as painting or sandblasting, proper ventilation is essential. It must be ensured that the ventilation is in operation and able to transport the proper air volume. If the filter is clogged, the fan wheel is damaged or dirty, or the drive belt is worn, the ventilation cannot provide the required air exchange. Thus, due to safety reasons the process is interrupted or at least an alarm is generated before the process goes off line.

Solution description

With decreasing air volume (filter clogged, V-belt broken, V-belt slippage, ..) the power factor cosφ is reduced. Measuring the power supply of the fan motor, the device GAMMA – G2CU400V10AL10 recognizes the faulty operating conditions and triggers the delay timer. You set the timer to an acceptable range for witch the fault condition is acceptable. If the error condition is active for a longer period the output relay indicates the alarm condition. You choose whether the device remains in error mode when an error occurs or automatically restarts after the error has been eliminated. When the function “UNDER + I <” is selected not only does a correspondingly low power factor lead to the error message, a disconnected fan motor (for example, a cable break) is also detected.

Benefit/added value

– Simple monitoring of a full ventilation system.
– No air sensor, no additional wiring.
– Reduce service and maintenance costs.
– Easy to install in existing plants and machine.

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