Energy monitoring for wind generators & small hydropower plants

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SensAct/ power, energy, current, voltage
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Wind turbines or small hydropower plants are confronted with variable frequencies at alternating current and require measuring instruments that are precisely designed for this purpose.

Solution description

The TELE S6XM50A1000VM and S9XM300A1000VM (single-phase power/energy meters) are the perfect meters for small and medium wind turbines or small hydroelectric power plants. Since these systems usually generate alternating current with variable frequency in the range from a few herz to 400Hz, the RMS measuring system of the TELE devices is perfectly suited for this. The Tele S6(9)XM50(300)A1000VM delivers the measured values for power, current, voltage and energy (non-volatile meter memory) in a safely isolated data stream at the ModBus RTU interface. The broadband auxiliary power supply from 9VDC to 30VDC makes it much easier to use in a harsh environment. By digitally measuring the frequency of the AC voltage or current generated, the generator speed can be obtained directly from the energy meter.

Benefit/added value

The integrated RS485 interface allows the S6XM50A1000VM to be connected to any ModBus master such as PCs, HMI, PLC, WLAN, modems and Wi-Fi access routers. The S6XM50A1000VM is one of the smallest single-phase power meters on the market and can be easily installed in almost any power distribution system..

S6XM50A1000VM und S9XM300A1000VM
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