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Energy measurement

Energy measurement
Facility Management
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SENSact/output, energy, electricity, voltage
S9XM300A1000VM Artikel Nr.: 2800220
Data sheet:
Modern transducers have to be integrated into existing energy circuits in a sustainable and almost contactless way nowadays. Instead of a simple measuring device for line or energy, the requirement these days is for such digital devices to derive measurement data from a measuring circuit and to send them to control units or SCADA systems for evaluation.
The energy measuring device and S9XM300A1000VM transducer measures electrical parameters such as the current, voltage, power, effective power, power factor, energy and THD (Total Harmonics Distortion) of electrical drives and electrical consumers in the automation engineering and building services. The current measurement for AC and DC currents is performed entirely contactlessly via a modern Hall converter up to 300 A. The measurement voltage is specified up to 1000 V AC/DC and is processed directly via a fully insulated measuring circuit. All measurement values are available via the integrated ModBus RTU/RS485 interface directly for process control systems or controllers (PLC, CPU).
The readings provide quick and easy information about the operating conditions of electrical drives in pumps, shredders, agitators or screening machines. Conclusions can be drawn about the energy flow, efficiency and fault states of the machine. Simple assembly, full insulation between process and computer system, digitally prepared readings in real process parameters and a space-saving design are the advantages over conventional combinations of current transformers and measurement transmitters.
Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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