Electronic load shedding­ relay prevents overloads

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When running several electrical consumers simultaneously, such as machines with hot-water boilers or building heating systems, it is important to avoid overloading the power grid.

Solution description

The TELE E1IM10AACL10 load shedding relay switches off subordinate consumers as soon as one of the other consumers is switched on. The relay measures current with precision and reliably activates a changeover contact at a defined current limit. This prevents operation of more than one high-load consumer at a time. Examples of powerful subordinate consumers that can be switched off include hot-water boilers, air heaters and building heating systems that are not required to always be in operation at a defined time.

Benefit/added value

– Avoidance of load peaks
– Straightforward installation
– Potential-free changeover contact
– Rapid trip time
– Optional, direct measurement up to 100 A for industrial applications

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