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Cow feed mill

TELE timing relay E1ZM10 ensures better control of the feed motor
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Timing Relays
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Data sheet:
A cow feed mill automatically feeds the cattle and ensures that there is always enough food for the animals in the feed silo. In Northern Ireland a farmer was looking for a special solution for this system and TELE was able to support him with the time relay E1ZM10.
A feed motor is responsible for the timely refilling of the feed into the feed silo, which is switched on by a paddle switch for 30 seconds if the level falls below a certain level. In this way, however, the motor was switched on too often and unnecessarily loaded.
The TELE timing relay E1ZM10 helps to protect the feed motor and operate it more efficiently by not switching it on so often. With the relay, which is triggered by the paddle switch, the customer sets a timer for a delay of 30 minutes and can thus better control the feed – the feed containers can empty more until the feed motor is switched on again the next time.
• More efficient control and thus protection of the feed motor
• Inexpensive solution
• Robust and maintenance-free
Daniel Kröpfl
Daniel Kröpfl Sales

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