Conveyor belt­ monitoring

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Effective power monitoring
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A conveyor belt must be stopped rapidly in the event of a blockage with small packages. However, unnecessary downtime must be avoided if at all possible.

Solution description

The G2BM400V12AFL10 load monitor monitors the power consumption of the drive motor to monitor the conveyor belt without any additional sensors and reacts exactly as soon as the configured threshold is exceeded, preventing damage to the packages.

Benefit/added value

– Prevention of blockages and production downtime
– In the event of minor blockages, the conveyor belt can continue to run because the package can turn
– A 500 to 600 mA motor is used
– The effective power can be measured directly, including without a current transformer
– Rapid startup
– Low-cost device
– Reliable monitoring even with voltage fluctuations in the power supply – advantage over current monitoring

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