Charge measurement for energy storage devices

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Monitoring relays, current AC and DC (bidirectional)
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For battery power packs in energy storage devices, peak power systems and hospital emergency supplies it is essential to deliver save and high quality measurement signals for the control systems. In professional DC-power storage systems up to 100kW, you are faced with voltage levels of 700VDC up to 1050VDC. That forces manufacturers and users to ensure a save isolation between battery pack and measurement system. On the other hand you have to realize a bidirectional measurement system that automatically represents the charging and discharging state of the storage device at any time.

Solution description

The new and fully electronic current measurement device VEO V4IA100A solves all these topics in one compact device. The isolation between battery and electronic output is more than 6kV. The input range can easily be selected between 25A, 50A, 75A and 100A and the integrated special designed hall sensor, ensures bidirectional measurement with a high overload capability. To measure the current, the wire from the battery will be put through the 15mm measuring hole for the integrated hall transducer and has no electrical connection with any electric circuit. The output level of the transducer signal can easily be selected to various levels to fit you demand.

Benefit/added value

– >6kV isolation between battery and transducer output
– Direct current measurement up to +/-100A DC
– Selectable range 25A, 50A, 75A, 100A in one unit
– Wide range supply 24-240V AC/DC
– Selectable universal transducer signal in various mA and V ranges
– Compact industrial housing 45mm width for DIN-Rail mounting

V4IA100A 24-240V AC/DC
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