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The most important but also basic task for a PV installation is to get the most solar energy converted by the modules. Therefore, PV tracking systems are used to follow the sun`s position throughout the day.
A seamless motion of the panels is mandatory, to prevent damages to and failures of the mechanical construction.

Solution description

With just two inputs and NO CONTACTORS, the Christian P-4.0 Soft Starter only needs radiation sensors to catch the sun. Acceleration-time, starting-torque, and motor protection are easily adjusted by rotary knobs on the front of the device. The smooth start-up and stop prevents the shaft or v-belt from high stress and extraordinary mechanical force. Extra low energy consumption of the soft starter also makes sure you maximize the efficiency of your plant instantly, increasing the ROI.

Benefit/added value

The Christian P-4.0 Soft Starter offers a wide range of functions, including forward running, reverse running, and blocking protection. In comparison to mechanical contactors, the soft starter is significantly more efficient, saves space, protects mechanical equipment and can be easily installed.

Christian P-4.0
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